The life of the shop and myself

by Sewsalot Fabrics

Back in 2002 the shop started in my home alterations was my main stay but I was always crafty. I took all the classes I could in high school from ceramics to studio and commercial art but drawing was my passion. So I still to this day alter clothes but we are moving into more of the quilting world everyday. Our main goal is to provide a unique experience for the shop as we are littler but our customer service is huge. We help with color matching and bringing new life into some half finished products that customers have decided they don’t like after they have sewn or gotten cut out. We provide that new outlook that the project might not be so bad… my goal is to be creative and share that if customer needs advice or help pictures or projects are always welcomed in the shop or a video call is around the corner! And this is all offered even if you don’t buy from us we are here to help! Purchases are always nice but in this shop getting the customer to their goal might not be at our shop so we help to find that perfect completion to their beautiful quilt or any project- we are here to help! until  next time Happy Sewing Jr