Windswept by Northcott

by Sewsalot Fabrics

This excellent rich fabric just came in to our shop, with sometimes having fall who knows if we are going to see the rich colors of a typical Autumn Season that I was used to seeing when I was a kid. I keep thinking that I am going to have to many quilts to many projects in my pile, but when certain things are needed they call to me. This collection is so pretty the pictures don't do it justice. I see a qult in my future but at the same time I see placemats and table medallions simple projects that can be done in no time for people that are sew ers and people that are crafty too. Check this beautiful Colletion of Windswept out, we have something for everyone someday we will be a huge quilt shop but for now we may be small the caring and sharing is huge! We have small wallets and big hearts! We are focusing on quality and not quantity, keep us growing and we will keep you stock up with fabric and ideas! Thanks Jen @ Sewsalotfabrics